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Időközben elkelt a kis bakancsom, remélem felhág még pár havas bércre bakancs-életében.

Mountaineering Footwear) (Trekking Peak trips only): For modern day climbers, plastic boots are now standard equipment. They are lighter in weight, warmer and more waterproof than leather mountain boots. Also, you can sleep in the removable inner boots to ensure warm toes in the morning! Climbing and trekking at altitudes of up to 6000 meters/20,000 feet, the temperatures can be very cold indeed (as low as minus 10 degrees), and leather boots are really not suitable for these cold conditions. Plastic boots are also designed to take step-in crampons, quickly and efficiently, and this combination of plastic boots and step-in crampons is by far the most sensible option when considering a trekking peak climb. Asolo and Koflach are examples of excellent plastic boot manufacturers, and each of these companies make models of plastic boots which have been designed primarily as winter walking boots. Recommended - Asolo Supersoft and Koflach Viva Soft.